Not every trader has a large amount of funds to fund a trading account. In this case, you can try to increase the deposit using the robot, which I want to tell you about today. I warn you right away, this is not the grail. Loss of a deposit is possible, as with any other advisor. Therefore, it is necessary to work with the settings in order to minimize possible losses. GLX advisoropens a lot of orders. In fact, this is a net. However, the Martingale method is not used in his algorithm, which, in my opinion, is the advantage of this robot. Based on the results of analyzing the market situation, he opens trade orders for both buy and sell. And at the same time, it is sure to set take profit. But the EA does not use stop loss. Trading is carried out on a 15-minute chart for currency pairs with a small spread.

Robot setupRobot setup

The GLX Expert Advisor has many options in the settings. But it is not difficult to understand them. I’ll cover the most important parameters.

First of all, you need to tell the robot the lot size that will be used to open trades. This is done using the Lots parameter.

Activating the MM parameter allows you to start the money management system. If this parameter is activated, then you must specify the minimum and maximum lot values. For this we use the Minlot and Maxlot parameters.

You can limit risks using the Risk parameter.

To set the take profit value, use the Profit parameter.

To limit losses – the Loss parameter.

The maximum number of trade orders and the distance between them are specified using the Maxorders and Pipstep parameters.

And two more useful parameters are Closeall and Closelosses. They are designed to close all active orders, or only unprofitable ones.

The rest of the variables in the settings relate to indicators, the readings of which are used by the GLX advisor to assess the market situation.

There are also parameters that can be used to prevent the robot from trading on Monday and Friday, or to specify the end time.

Tips for using the advisor

Trading with this robot showed that all transactions should be closed before the end of the trading day. This will avoid the accrual of negative swaps.

If important news is expected, then the robot should be turned off.

If you see that the total profit or total loss for all open orders is close to 50% of the deposit, then you need to close all transactions.

It is recommended to start trading with a small deposit. For example, it could be $ 100.

The resulting profit must be withdrawn immediately.

Below is a link where you can download the GLX advisor .

Be sure to test the robot in demo trading. This EA is not intended for permanent trading. It was created only to quickly increase your trading account. After that, you need to switch to more cautious trading using another robot.